The Enneagram- Gospel Tool for Self-Discovery or Elaborate Gnostic Deception?

April 15, 2021 @ 6:50 am

In 2016, Ian Cron (an Episcopal priest) and Suzanne Stabile wrote “The Road Back to You”, and Zondervan publishing released the book, “Sacred Enneagram”. The enneagram, a supposed tool of personality analysis, was then unleashed and has become one of the most popular, widespread and celebrated teachings in the evangelical church in recent years. There are Enneagram books, podcasts, blogs, trainings, YouTube videos, Social Media pages- one pastor even preached an entire SERMON SERIES on the 9 types, where he found characters from the Bible, guessed their type, and taught the Enneagram using the Bible.

But where did the Enneagram come from? And why is it true? Is it based in science? Psychology? Personality theory? Or….something else?

The origins of the Enneagram are a bit…complex, to say the least. But we do know is that its roots are based in esoteric thought, mysticism, sacred geometry, new age teaching, and it gets even weirder. Things like automatic writing and strange revelations from an angel, or spirit guide named “Metatron”.

Do you want to know where it comes from? Do you want to know what it really teaches?

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