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“Why I am a _____”- Unity, Diversity, & Mere Christianity

January 22, 2021 @ 7:05 am

It’s estimated that there are 40,000 Christian denominations and movements in the world today. And chances are, if you’re a Christian listening to this podcast, you’re a part of a church that’s associated with one out of the 40,000.

Jesus prayed to the Father in John 17:41 that his future followers would exhibit a special kind of unity that would be a testimony to the world. So what happened? Why does it seem like Christians can’t agree on anything? Why are there sometimes four different Christian churches on the same street? And why are there so many Christian denominations? For those who aren’t Christians, it must seem confusing. Which church is the right one?

In our increasingly secular, post-modern, post- Christian culture, Christians must become more united on (and more focused on) Gospel issues. But the truth is there are issues of secondary importance that we’re just not all going to agree on. Things like worship styles, church governance, and nuances of non-essential doctrines can often lead to a diversity of perspectives in the body of Christ. How do we talk about these things with other believers in humility, grace, love and understanding? What makes a local church (or even denomination) the right fit for you and your family?

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Fasting, New Year’s Resolutions, & The God of Our Bellies

January 8, 2021 @ 12:45 pm

New Year, new you…well, hopefully. The reality is, for most of us not much has changed since this time last week when it was 2020, except for the new page on the calendar. For a lot of us, we’re carrying into the new year the same stubborn old habits, the same old struggles, and the same old sins that we wrestled with last year.

But what if the Bible gave us a regular discipline we could practice to remind ourselves that as followers of Jesus, our God is NOT our bellies, or our food, our TVs, or our screens? Fasting, the practice of voluntarily abstaining from food (or certain activities) for a period of time, has been practiced by Christians for thousands of years. In fasting, a believer abstains from food in order to be available for prayer and communion with God. Fasting isn’t easy, but it’s designed to separate you from your perceived life support so you can focus exclusively on the Lord.

Sadly, many Christians have never fasted. Just mentioning the practice is enough to cause some people panic. Why would anyone want to fast? Much less for longer than a day? What does the Bible say about fasting? Do you have to fast?

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